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So, you want to know who's responsible for this?

Picture of Sean Puckett in profile against a pine wood wall.Sean Puckett

The idea for this came to me suddenly one afternoon:

"...imagine when there was no HDTV, no radio, and entertainment was what you and your family did together, and not what you watched together. When the sun went down and everything was candle-lit, familes would gather together and play, sing and read."

The name came soon thereafter, and before I could catch my breath, the domain was registered.

Dawn Keenan

My most precious memories of my father are from early childhood, when he would tell us stories and sing songs. Though I only became interested in his passion of Canadian history as an adult, I have had an especial love of folk tales and legends that reaches as far back as I can remember.

In high school, I was complimented on my voice by several teachers. I read news at the campus radio station when I was in university and have enjoyed reading aloud and singing with my daughter and son from their earliest days.

How to Contact Us

The easiest and most direct way to contact us is via email.

We are located in beautiful Kitchener, Ontario. For more precise mail and telephone contact information, please inquire.

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