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Copyright Status of our Recordings

All Voices in the Dark recordings are Copyright their original performers and are used with permission. The Voices in the Dark collection is Copyright 2004/2005 Voices in the Dark.

Read the Creative Commons license to learn how you may, and may not, use the Voices in the Dark recordings and website: Our Creative Commons Deed

If you wish to discuss licensing our recordings for other uses, contact us.

Copyright Status of the Books

Voices in the Dark is located in Canada, and we follow the Canadian law with regards to establishing whether or not copyright is in effect of a text or recording. In general, this means that anything not explicitly placed in the public domain is Copyrighted, and this protection generally remains in effect until 50 years after the death of the author or creator.

We carefully check each work that we record to make sure it is legally permissible to release, for free use, the text and an audio recording of the text.

If you have any comments about this policy in general, or in specific regard to any particular book we host, please write to voices@voicesinthedark.com.

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