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Are you an Author?

If you are an author and would like to add to our library, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Whether you want to read your own stories aloud, or just give us permission to read them for you, Voices in the Dark welcomes your support.

Please write us directly with your stories and comments:

Are you a Storyteller?

If you like to tell tall tales, spin yarns, or just "lie," perhaps you would also like to make some of your oral tradition available on Voices in the Dark. With or without transcripts, your stories will be appreciated.

To learn how to have your stories included on Voices in the Dark, read:

Do you like to Read Out Loud?

If you enjoy dramatic reading, your talents would be very much appreciated here. Read your own stories, works in the public domain, or works you've got permission from the author to read for our site.

To learn how to get started reading for Voices in the Dark, read:

Contact Us

If any of these ideas sound exciting, get in touch with us -- we'd like to hear from you! Also be sure to check out our How to Record page for more technical information about how to make a Voices in the Dark recording and our Copyright page for copyright and licensing information.

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