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Curious about what makes Voices in the Dark go?


  • Andrea noise-cancelling headset microphones. Sean got them for free with games he was reviewing in another life; they're not active, so they don't work particularly well, but when something is free, and works, you go with it.
  • Most of the tracks are recorded directly into my notebook computer, a Sony R505GC, which is a wonderful thing -- not only is it fast and light and runs for hours, the audio chain has very little noise.

Recording Software

  • Sound Forge to record and manipulate the recordings. I remember when Sound Forge was shareware.... but now it's a big professional thing from Sony. A great tool for recording and editing audio.
  • Lame MP3 encoder is used for the MP3 encodings.
  • A perl script, and the bttools library, are used to automate the creation of the MP3 files and the related torrents.

Site Design

  • The site's visual appearance is all driven by CSS. Voices in the Dark will present itself usefully in text browsers, and in assisted-browsing applications for the blind.

Server Side

  • The site itself is built and maintained in PHP with data hosted in MySQL. All code and design is original, save the BitTorrent tracker.
  • Dreamweaver is used to edit the PHP. Don't always rely on Dreamweaver's built-in PHP/MySQL functinality -- it makes things harder than they really should be sometimes. Use your head.
  • The website is hosted on pair.com (where I've been a customer since 1996) and is driven by PHP and MySQL.
  • Credit where it's due: the bitTorrent tracker is a modification of the freely available PHPBTTracker Version 1.5rc3.

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