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The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince, with the help of his devoted friend, does all he can to help those in need.

Boy read this story in a single sitting. We have left his few stumblings over words intact, as they are precious to us.
HQ MP3 - Download - 15.2MB, 38:48 (5564) - read by Sean McCutchan
LQ MP3 - Download - 4.8MB, 38:48 (1742) - read by Sean McCutchan

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The happy Prince

By Françoise Witschi - 2009-03-26 12:21

Dear readers, I was very moved by this boy's way of reading. This story is most certainly one of my favorites by Oscar Wilde. The few stamberlings of the reader are easy to forgive taking into account he read the story in one go and they don't spoil the good job he did of it. Many thanksfor the pleasure we get when we listen.

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