Voices in the Dark

The Devoted Friend

by Oscar Wilde - 1888
The meaning of friendship is explained in the recounting to the Water Rat of the tale of the Miller and Little Hans.
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About the voices...

By Sean - 2005-01-11 23:48

This one I recorded in 14 separate takes, one for each voice that appears. Then I spliced everything together. It was a lot more trouble than I thought it would be, and it probably wasn't worth it. Doing one long take, making sure each voice was consistent, and editing it later would probably be far, far easier.

Since each voice is distinctive, I removed some of the "he says/she says" where they are not needed. In this respect, the transcript is not identical to what is recorded.

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Re:About the voices...

By Jorge Luis - 2008-10-28 22:01

Thank you for your effort Sean, it is much appreciated!

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Re:About the voices...

By Raquel - 2014-06-27 12:45

Thank you a lot!!!! Your work is really fantastic! I aprecciate your effort! :)

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first time here

By Angie - Brazil - 2011-02-05 00:49

hey everybody, my first time here today and can I say you the truth? I found everything really fantastic! Nice stories, nice voices and a nice work which can help english learners a lot .


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