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The Selfish Giant

A giant learns to open his heart in this classic tale.
HQ MP3 - Download - 4.1MB, 9:57 (4882) - read by Dawn Keenan
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By Evelyne Cauvin - 2014-06-26 22:34

Dear Dawn,

I am a PhD student and I am studying prosody in native English read speech, in order to focus on learner speech in a second stage. The text which has been assigned to study is the Selfsh Giant and I have been delighted to find your recording to be part of my corpus. Yet, I have one request to make. How old were you when your reading was recorded? It seems age groups are of paramount importance in the intonational realization of one sentence in the reading and I would greatly appreciate your answer for a statistical analysis. With my best regards, Evelyne Cauvin

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By Romain - 2014-07-25 12:35

Oui certaines pnseoenrs sont dans un flipper, quelqu un tire la boule au hasard et eux se frottent e0 des murs qui les poussent ailleurs sans qu ils aient le choix. Il faut rester fermement maeetre de sa destine9e et de ces rencontres. Je pense que aller e0 la recherche de soi meame doit eatre une riche expe9rience. Marie

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Request (sequel)

By Evelyne Cauvin - 2014-06-26 22:39

I am not sure my email address has been taken into account, so let me write it to you : evelyne.cauvin@wanadoo.fr With my apologies, EC

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